Production & Support

It is our goal to produce community phone directories effectively and economically while ensuring accuracy.

We as a team are responsible for developing and maintaining a new contract database for each new Telco’s respective business customers.  We also identify new potential customers by developing sales leads from the directory coverage area.  Advertising contracts are then produced for each sales representative.  When the sales are made, each contract is updated for the New Year.  Online reports are produced to assist and monitor the progress of the sales effort.ETC Directory Production

Meanwhile, we purchase outside phone utilities’ listing data for the coverage areas.  These listings are converted to Bookman’s structured format for easy clean-up and flow.   A complete database listing is also extracted from the Telco and converted to Bookman.

A white page galley is then produced for proofing and updating by the Telco.  Once this is all formulated the white pages alpha phone listings are created.  Then we proof – proof – and proof some more.