Sales & Marketing Support

The Directory Sales Group consists of Kenny Fendley – Directory Sales Coordinator, Johnny Scott, Tony Gant, Keith Crump and Lance Adams. Sales Team philosophy – “It’s all about customer satisfaction.”ETC Directory Sales Group

ETC Directory SalesTo begin the process, our sales reps schedule and meet with customers to define their overall advertising needs, options are discussed, a package is agreed on, a contract is signed, and the ads are designed and placed by our graphics department per the customer’s instructions.

Kenny says, “We extend every courtesy for the convenience of the customer who prefers to be contacted, while professionally representing the Telephone Company and bridging the gap between service provider and business customer.

For the advertiser preferring to do business over the phone, the sales rep confirms the accuracyETC Directory Sales Lance of their business information and makes any changes or upgrades to their existing advertising.

Kenny says, “It is important that we pay close attention to detail, to make sure the customer’s information and listings are as accurate as possible for an entire year.”  Once the sales agreement is complete, the contract is entered and sales reports are generated to track the progress of the sales canvas.