Pages That Sell

ETC Yellow PagesThe Yellow Pages, Specialty Pages and Tabs are designed by Julie Whitworth and Katherine Vick.  It is our goal to design unique, creative, yet informative yellow page ads that sell. Our goal is to meet or exceed the customer’s specifications, while ensuring accuracy.ETC Yellow Pages

Advertising copy tickets are developed by the customer and sales representative, and then forwarded onto the yellow page Graphic Designers.  Innovative yellow page ads are created per the customers specifications.  Ad proofs are then created and sent to the customer for approval.  Once approved the ad page is converted to PDF files and then sent for print.

The Blue Pages provide your book with a specialty section of local events, chamber of commerce functions, festivals and the areas of interest your customers find appealing.

ETC Yellow Page Ads

Tabs provide advertisers with an added bonus to stand out from the competition. ETC can place custom tabs into your book design.

Julie says, “Every directory is different and the detail in the layout is so important. You don’t just slap it down on the page, you have checks and balances to make sure the flow is correct.”